Hello all. I’m Robert Struba, the founder of JACTESS (the Jerusalem Access Corridor Two Equal State Solution). This is a plan for peace with justice in Palestine/Israel informed more by principles of behavioral medicine, public health and justice than traditional military and diplomatic proposals. (How have the latter been working for us lately?)

We rely further on IT, community organization and the good will of world citizens. I have training in human physical and behavioral medicine, epidemiology/public health (twin doctorates) and am credentialed in medical acupuncture. I speak four European languages, and am currently struggling with Mandarin. JACTESS ensures a secure and mostly mono-ethnic New Israel, a vibrant/non-military Palestinian state, ¬†partial right of return, ¬†options for cooperation by talented Israelis building infrastructure in New Palestine, an internationally “owned” Holy City, and rotating international super power military presence to keep a tight lid on any monkey business, and much more.

Stay tuned. Shalom-Salaam. Inshalah.

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